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How To Get Into The World's Best Medical Schools

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How To Get Into UK Medical School: A Course For Domestic Applicants

This course is an ALL-IN-ONE programme, that takes you through the entire process, start to finish and guides you through every step of the journey on how to make your med school application stand out compared to everyone else. The course was originally built to help international students (who typically have a 6% success rate when applying to UK Med School) and give them an equal chance of getting into their top choice medical school. Over the years we've had a >90% success rate (15x better than average) simply by teaching these success principles. The course includes everything, from:
- Advanced UCAT & BMAT training
- How to get the right work experience
- Choose the right medical school
- We work with you on your personal statement
- Individual interview training
- Effective study & Advanced Memorisation
The course will teach you how to master each of these. Who knows where a programme like this could take you.


Module One: Medicine As A Career

You’ll learn why medicine could be the dream career for you, and we will teach you the strategies and psychology of how to be successful in applying to medical school and throughout your career as a doctor.

Module Two: Preparing Your Application

We’ll take you through the three essential elements you need to prepare your application, how to meet the entry requirements (even if you currently don't have the best grades) and how to get the correct work experience required to successfully get into UK medical school. Plus my very special 7-step process on how to choose the right medical school for you.

Module Three: Successfully Securing An Interview

You’ll learn the three most common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid so you can submit your strongest possible application, how to write a personal statement that’ll win over the admissions tutors, some new strategies to help with your reference statement, and my top tips to perform well on test day for the UCAT and BMAT tests.

Module Four:
Securing An Offer...
And Realising It!

We will give you our best interview success techniques unknown by most doctors I know that guarantee success in claiming your place. We'll also look at- once you have been offered a place in a medical school- how to make sure you realise it.

Module Five: Thriving At Medical School

How to thrive at university in the UK, medical school, and position yourself to succeed through the rest of your career.

BONUS Content

My #1 goal is to give you everything you need to succeed, so I’ve provided valuable bonus content based on things I've gleaned through personal experience over the years.

A career in medicine will change your life. The UK has some of the best universities in the world, so a degree from UK medical school will make you unstoppable. With the skills and techniques I teach in this course, you too can become a world leading future doctor!


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