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Ace The UCAT Course

Get the UCAT score you need to get into the most competitive UK Medical Schools

Everything you need to get the score you deserve:

  • 20 hours of online extensive training modules
  • Reach the threshold for the highest demanding Universities
  • Verbal Reasoning: 6 Modules
  • Quantitative Reasoning: 7 Modules
  • Abstract Reasoning: 9 Modules
  • Situational Judgement: 10 Modules
  • Decision Making: 6 Modules


Course Overview

The Ace The UCAT Online Course is a fully comprehensive 20-hour programme with over 200 lessons. There are over 350 questions with Dr HIlton walking you through each one of them and advising you on the best way to tackle them.  We show you the best time-saving strategies for handling all five areas of the UCAT in minute detail to make sure that you are confident for your exam. 

For each concept that comes up, we will go through the theory, practise questions and worked answers. Then, we will reinforce your knowledge by accentuating all the key things that you need to know to succeed. 

This course will improve your speed and accuracy, increasing both your UCAT score and confidence. 

If you would like to see the syllabus and some sample lessons, click the link above. If our teaching method appeals to you, sign up for our course!

Best of luck on the UCAT and see you soon!

What's included in the course?

Each section begins with an overview that examines the section's format as well as some of the most effective question-answering strategies. Additionally, we tell about about the traps that examiners set and how to avoid falling into them. All of this will help you smash the UCAT!

Verbal Reasoning

Our verbal reasoning section is made up of 6 modules that describe each question type in detail. We also talk about various strategies that you can use to answer questions efficiently. Then, you are presented with practice questions and worked answers. 

Quantitative Reasoning

Our quantitative reasoning section is divided into 7 modules, each of which covers the main concepts that may be encountered, including probability, statistics, percentages, venn diagrams, and more. We go through the best approaches to each question type and provide plenty of practice problems and worked answers.


Abstract Reasoning 

We'll show you how to use our SPARTAN IBS technique to answer each question quickly and accurately. Then, to help you cement your knowledge, we go through all of the patterns and trends you might encounter and provide you with practice questions and worked solutions.

Situational Judgement

Our section on situational judgement is made up of 10 modules that go through the major qualities of a doctor as well as scenarios linked to them in depth.   Furthermore, we go through the thought process behind each question to ensure that you'll be able to answer questions effectively. Multiple practice questions with detailed solutions and explanations are provided in each module.

Decision Making

We go through all of the different types of questions that could appear on the test in 6 modules. Furthermore, we go through all of the techniques you can use to improve your score. After that, we give you with a variety of practice problems as well as detailed worked solutions.

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